Monday, December 16, 2013

Tempat duduk kursi.....

Indonesia negara yg sopan santun dan ramah tamah. Sejak SD, aku selalu di ajarkan bahwa orang2 indonesia adalah orang yg santun dan ramah. Kelihatannya ajaran tersebut hanya berlaku di pelajaran SD saja, sedangkan kenyataannya jauuuuhhh dr yg diajarkan. Usaha untuk berbuat baik terhadap sesama sering kali tidak di sambut dengan penerimaan yg baik pula, bahkan tanpa ucapan yg sangat simple yaitu "terima kasih". Misalnya memberikan tempat duduk bagi ibu2 tua di ruang tunggu umum, cuma di sambut dg tatapan dingin dan langsung duduk seolah2 kursi itu memang punya ibu2 itu. Padahal sekedar senyum dan bilang terima kasih udah cukup bagi yg memberikan kursi senang, dan kmungkinan besar untuk melakukan hal itu lagi bila ada kesempatan lain. Sambutan dingin tanpa senyum apa lagi tanpa ucapan terima kasih cuman membuat Pemberi kursi jadi males untuk berbuat baik yg lain. Bukannya si pemberi kursi gila "reward" atau pingin di anggap "baik" atau apa, cuman kok yo cek nemeneee. Itu hanya salah satu contoh saja. Banyak hal2 lain yg kok melenceng dr apa yg di ajarkan pas jaman SD tentang ke ramah tamahan dan ke sopan santunan bangsa ku ini.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Alone in a crowded room

I'm walking on a sidewalk in my neighbourhood     
Feeling the cold that creeping up really soon
I look up the stars and I see the moon
I bet it feels alone in a crowded room                                                             

I open a bag of m&m chocolate
All the Color is red but only one is blue
I took the blue one and put it in my mouth
Cos i know it feels alone in a crowded room  
Passing the house full of people
With the disco light brighter than the noon
I see a boy sitting at the corner                                               
I think he feels alone in a crowded room
I bring myself in and enter the party house
I thougt i saw the bride but i didn't see the groom
The room is packed with the singing mouse
But somehow i feel alone in this crowded room

just playing with words
adisur 270913

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Part of my life story :)

June 23, 2011. That the date of the last post I wrote on this blog. That’s almost exactly 1 year. Not that I don’t have story to tell, there a shit load of them but I just didn’t write them down, don’t know why may be I’m just simply not a writer.
Ok where do I start, which story should I tell first.
Let’s start on last year around August 2011.
I’ve been longing to work in Indonesia as “Expatriate” for a long time. How good is that, to be “Expatriate worker” in my own country. I got to live in my own country, close with my families and friends buuuuuuttt with Australian salary...AWESOME!!!
And on August 2011, to be exact 3 August 2011, my company sent me to Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Indonesia with one of the manager to find some coal mine assets...SWEET!! Here we go, Dave and me off to Banjarmasin.
For the first couple of weeks we’re staying in this fancy 4 stars hotel. It’s very nice hotel, big room, and clean, awesome hotel. The food was average, but hey....  who am I to complain, I wasn’t paying for it, so all good.
One thing that made me “realise” that I’m Indonesia other that the traffic and the people off course, is the timing. Not that I consider myself too good (even though everyone knows that I’m AWESOME) for Indonesia, but 8 o’clock doesn’t mean 8 o’clock in Indonesia. We made an appointment to see one of our local partners in the hotel lobby at 8am, but he didn’t freaking arrived until about 11.30, no “sorry i was late because my dog use my car to go shopping” or any other excuses. He just came as if nothing wrong. By the time we met, chat etc, it was lunch time already. We had lunch, shollat, etc we didn’t start our “actual” meeting until around 1.30 – 2 o’clock. So in Indonesia 8 am meeting can become 2 pm, it just like a time warp.
Our partner is actually not Indonesian, he’s Malaysian. To protect his privacy from the fan (you’ll know what I mean in the minute) or future fan (I told you, I’ll tell you why in the minute, and no he’s not a celebrity, at least not that I know of), let’s just called him Syed  (this is his real name by the way, hehehe). He’s been working as coal trader in Indonesia for about 4 years, and he’s only 3 years older than me. Here come the good part, he has 2 wives, come the best one, his 2 wives are live in the same area (only 1 block away), and they are best friends. HOW GOOD IS THAT!!! Now you see why I said he got huge fan club (I think), I’m pretty sure you want to become one as well right? Want to learn how he does it? hahaha.. Typical Man. For women reader, ..... i don’t know what to say, except keep reading... J.
But any way lets back to MY story because this is MY blog.
Cut the story short, eventually we got contact of “potential” assets that we’re looking for. Dave and I went to Batulicin to meet with this “so called” owner.
Our contact sent us his driver to pick us up. As usual, they said he’ll be at the hotel at 7 am, Dave and I was ready to go and waited since 6.45 at the lobby. He turned up around 10 am with maroon red Toyota avanza. Same like before no “I’m sorry, I was dead and buried and had to dig myself out again” or other more reasonable excuses. They got us every time on this “jam karet” game. The driver name is..... sh*t I forgot his name, but let’s just call him Pak Roni....that’s right, he’s name is Pak Roni. He’s about late 60’s early 70’s years old. Yes he’s old and he’s driving us. The trip from Banjarmasin to Batulicin normally takes around 6 hours to drive. I was thinking, with this old man driver, it could be 16 hours. I was wrong. He was driving as he’s one of the pilot at star wars movie, dodging trucks, other cars, motorbike, pedestrian etc etc. He didn’t want to change gear if the RPM didn’t go to at least 7000 rpm, he must think he’s a F1 driver. He was taking over a truck.... yes a freaking truck from a blind spot. I almost crap myself. Do I need to explain what I mean by blind spot? Ok... for you reader that might only have IQ of an idiot donkey (nope, it’s not you) I’ll explained. This guy, Pak Roni, we called him Yoda, took over everyone on the road with warp speed even when the road on a curve, he couldn’t see if it’s there anything heading on the other way, or if there’s something at the front of the truck his trying to took over. He’s with “THE FORCE”,...eerr nope, he actually is “THE FORCE”. Yup, that what Dave and I concluded, Yoda is THE FORCE. I’m Indonesian, I know how to drive “skilfully”, but what Yoda did, just pure magic, it was miracle that we arrived safe and sound. And you would think that we arrived in record time wouldn’t you? Oh well you thought wrong, we only get there 10 minutes earlier, so all those “Yoda daredevil being THE FORCE” act is only save us 10 minutes.... very worth it, very fucking worth it.
 Any way since our job is to do “Due Diligent” on the assets, we start working. We went to site visit, made contact with government etc etc. Everything that can be checked visually, all checked and good, and I requested some more detail data for our report, other than that Dave also seems happy with everything. The owner, let just call him Pak Kiki (it’s his actual nick name) very eager to get the ball rolling. The agreement is, we (Australian investor) will provide the funding, and Pak Kiki (local) just need to give us permission to mine on his assets and we divide the profit 70-30 (aus 70, Indo 30). All party happy with the agreement. I was like..”COOL BANANA”. I would be doing 2 weeks on 2 weeks off rosters, as Mine Manager. And Dave was going to do the same as my back to back, and also looking for other assets. The big picture was, we have 3-5 small mines, with me overseeing all of them, that’s mean I needed to find 3-5 local Indonesian guys that I can trust that can run the mine for me, AWESOMEEE.
Pak Kiki, want us to deposit $40K for sourcing equipment, “pay” the local government and police etc etc. And I pass it on to my boss in Perth, every day we have Skype meeting, feel like I have LDR girlfriend hahahah. Within 1 week my boss transfers the deposit to Pak Kiki Account. By the time the money arrived, it was end of Ramadhan, so everyone in Indonesia were on holyday for Idul Fitri, including me... yippie.
That the first Idul Fitri I spent with my family in Indonesia since i moved to Australia. Alhamdulillah. I had around 2 weeks off, it was AWESOME.
After 2 weeks, I went back to Banjarmasin. At this time, I stayed in guess house instead to cut cost. It’s not bad, actually it’s good and I liked it. It just a normal rooms with TV, aircon, and shower. Very close with Musholla, only about 2 houses away. The owner as well as the cleaner, as well as the care taker, as well as the receptionist, as well as the manager is a very wonderful woman. We call her “mum”. She knocked on our door every morning for breakfast, and we ordered lunch or dinner from her, and she would go and find the closest “warung” for us. She looked after us... I miss mum.
Back to work story, we went to Pak Kiki office to check on progress, and collect more data. He promised us one week after Ramadhan holiday over, he’ll bring in some heavy machinery to start mining. One week passed, no machines being deployed. So I asked Pak Kiki what’s going on. He always came up with some excuses. We smell something wasn’t right, and no I wasn’t farted.....oh well may be a little tiny bit, but it shouldn’t smell. After I put my Sherlock Holmes hat on, I started doing some investigation. Again cut the story short, Pak Kiki is not the legal owner of the assets, he was the one who funded the asset for exploration etc (that what he said), but his name was never in the legal paper of the assets.
So basically we’re Fucked, my boss and Dave felt that they got scammed, and I felt very embarrassed. My country, my country man, do that. I just couldn’t believe it. I might be too naive.
But we didn’t give up. We tried again, it just going to be hard for my boss in Perth to explain about the $40K. Dave had to go back to Perth to raise more fund. And I continued my adventure in Banjarmasin by myself....and Syed, trying to find more assets.
My company gave me 2 more weeks to find other assets. So after about 1 week, Syed and i found couple assets that worth to look at. So off we went again for site visit, this time Syed was driving. But it was not better, he thought himself “Luke Skywalker”. He did the same thing as Yoda. I was started to think maybe this is how you have to drive here in Banjarmasin, need to be at the edge of your death all the time.
It was Friday 23th September 2011, so we had to stop in a village called Sungai danau, Banjar baru. We parked the car directly at front of a grocery shop across the masjid. We went to do Friday prayer. After we did the Friday Prayer, we went back to our car just to find the car had been broken in to. The thief used a special tool to open the passenger side door. How did I know it? Because that fuckwit left the tool in the car!! I lost my camera, iphone, galaxy tab, and blackberry. The other guys also lost their phone etc, but I got the most damage. But oh well, if it’s not mean to be, it’s not mean to be. We spend most of the day in the police station writing up a report. I can show you the report if you want, but what for?... we decided to go back to the guess house and start again the next day.
We went to see the new assets, and they look really good. However, later that week, my boss from Perth rang me and asked me to go back to Perth. The Australian investor pulled the pin, they don’t want to risk the money in Indonesia again. That’s a really slap on the face for me, I tried to bring Australian investor to invest their money to my country, and I know the Australian company is not just going to rip Indonesian off, because I would be the one who manage it, but I got let down by my own countrymen, by the people that I was trying to help. I feel really disappointed and sick.
So any way, the “Indonesian” dream need to be put aside for now.
I went back to Perth, showed my face to the office. And off to go to the next project the very next day. My client and I went to dead town called Wittenoom to inspect the prospectus job. We stay for 4 days. After we gather all information we needed, we flew back to Perth.
It was Friday 7th October 2011 when I came back from Wittenoom. So I decided to stay back in Perth, stay in brother place for the weekend. All my friend told me why didn’t I just move to Perth, and rent out the house I have in Mandurah (’s not really my house; it’s the bank’s house). I wanted to, but where can I put my stuff. My brother place is not big enough to hold all my stuff.
And anyway, we went to Perth royal show that weekend, all fun. And on Sunday I asked my brother to drive me back to my house at Mandurah, it’s about 1 hour drive. I want to do some cleaning, washing etc, because last time I was there; I was only stayed for one night after I left the house for almost 3 months and have to go to Wittenoom the next day.
I opened the front door, and while I was still trying to lift my luggage. My brother when in, and as i got inside the house, he told me,” Sadik (that’s how he called me), lawang kocomu kok pecah (why your glass door broken)?” and I just realised that my house got broken in to, everything I had was gone, stolen, missing. When I said everything, I mean everything, my 42”TV,2x computers, macbook pro, home theatre, jewellery, mobile phones, transformers collection (yes I did collect transformers toys), zippo collection, watch etc etc etc...except the big stuff like fridge washing machine and sofa, because that would be too much and silly. Even my car and my motorbike are gone as well.
I just sat there on the floor, light a cigarette and start laughing. Within a month, I lost almost everything I had, I used to own almost everything and down to own almost nothing...except the house, the sofa, fridge, washing machine.
And the thing that make me laugh that day, for some reason I didn’t feel stress, I didn’t feel depressed, it’s actually the other way around. I felt relive, that’s mean I can move in to my brother place without too much things to pack hahahaha..
That makes me think, GOD do exist, and GOD do listen to you. We can make plan however we want, but in the end he’s the one who decide. He can give you everything you want, but also He can take them all away just like that.
Oh well that’s enough story for one day. I’ll write again next time, if I want to when I want to.
I could put pictures in it to make it look interesting but I couldn’t be bothered.
And...FAAAARKKKK this is the longest i wrote something in english :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Imaginary girl

Imaginary girl

You make my world twirl

With the affection you showed

And made my heart want to explode

Imaginary girl

My heart is racing like a running squirrel

Jump up and down full with happiness

And then plunge in to the deep of darkness

Imaginary girl

Thank you my beautiful girl

From saving me from my own imagination

That haunting my heart with full rotation

Imaginary girl

Thank you my beautiful girl

For reminding me how to feel again

For all the pleasure and all the pain

Imaginary girl

You are my beautiful imaginary girl

You write my live with beautiful narration

Another chapter of my beautiful fiction

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Love of a Nerd...

Seeing your face in my computer screen

Enough to keep me awake more than caffeine

Hearing your laughter from my dodgy speaker

I hope that all my questions have been answered

All those voice messages that you left me

They make me feel like you set me free

Is it just me or am I going crazy?

Even your text message looks beautiful to me.

With all those phones and the blackberry

Nothing stronger than our connectivity

Even in the land with no signal

My feeling for you is unconditional

Every time I type your name with my keyboard

I always find something new about you that unexplored

You are the other half of my soul and make my life complete

It’s you and it’s always been you that make my heart go ‘beep’

I wrote this poem with Microsoft word

I hope you know, you hold the heart of this nerd

Even though I have to switch my laptop off

I promise you, my feeling for you will never be turned off

By Adisur

Saturday, September 26, 2009


That face, that smile, so adorable

The way you move the way you talk, incomparable

But your heart and your mind, unpredictable

I tried so hard to break things that unbreakable

Your hand, your touch, just like miracle

Healing my wound and my pain that unbearable

Your words your voice, unforgettable

Making me believe that nothing is impossible

Will my dream someday come true?

Will it become my reality?

Will my sky still be blue?

Or it still be uncertainty?

I’ve been living in the fantasy world

Blinded by my own imagination

That prettiness that I want to explore

No more but beautiful fiction

Will my dream someday come true?

Will it become my reality?

Will my sky still be blue?

Or it still be uncertainty?

Should I give up and let it go

Should I stop to love you no more?

Leave my heart with an open hole

Cos you’re the other part of my soul

Will my dream someday come true?

Will it become my reality?

Will my sky still be blue?

Or it still be uncertainty?


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bukan cinta yang terlambat, tapi kita

Tanpa senyummu
Tanpa tawamu
Coba seberangi hari yang tak pasti

Tanpa sentuhmu
Tanpa kecupmu
Walau sadari itu yang ku mau

Bagaikan hidup dalam ruang kaca
Dapat kulihat tapi tak dapat kurasa
Terhalang oleh batas dan norma-norma
Terpaku pada dogma dan aturan

Dengan senyummu
Walaupun jauh
Coba bertahan tuk hari yang kan datang

Dengan tawamu
Samar yang merdu
Walau itu semua masa lalu

Bukanlah cinta ini yang terlambat
Hanya kita ragukan hati, tak bicara
Kini semua tinggalah kenangan
manis terindah dan terukir di hati

Tanpa senyummu
Tanpa tawamu
walau sadari itu yang ku mau

Dengan senyummu
Dengan tawamu
Walalu itu semua masa lalu

Bukanlah cinta ini yang terlambat
Hanya kita ragukan hati, tak bicara
Kini semua tinggalah kenangan
manis terindah dan terukir di hati

Adisur 230909

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